Women Leaders in Business: Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

New York – On December 5, 2019, the VFS Women’s Team partnered with Accenture to organize a panel discussion on “Women Leaders in Business: Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling” at the Accenture Content Studio. During the event, female leaders across different industries including consulting, venture capital, private equity and entrepreneurship discussed a range of topics covering career advancement, women in business, and gender and race identity. The panel shared their stories on how they built their own brands, overcame unconscious biases, and leveraged their unique strengths to succeed. The audience was encouraged to find our North Star that guides our career, and believe that the connections we build and things we do today will have a positive impact in the future.

The discussion was open, intimate, authentic, and most importantly—empowering. While this may only be the start to an ongoing dialogue, this talk brought to light the need for a strong support system for women in the Vietnamese and broader Asian community. The VFS Women’s Team is committed to building that supportive community and are listening to your ideas and suggestions on how to make it stronger.