Women Empowerment Series

As part of our Women in Business Initiatives, Vietnam Finance Society is proud to introduce the Women Empowerment Series, consisting of spotlight webinars and fireside chats with leading Vietnamese women figures and experienced professionals in finance and business. Throughout the series, we will hold meaningful conversations to discuss their journeys to success, gender equality, and explore the tools and resources they have used to succeed as women leaders. By creating an open and engaging environment for discussion and a sense of community, VFS hopes to empower young women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage. In the long term, VFS would like to equip and advocate for a future where professionals across gender diversity could be recognized and supported in delivering values of equal importance and impact. 

Series Summary
  • VFS Women Empowerment Series is a long-term series of webinar-style spotlight discussions and intimate fireside chats with leading Vietnamese women figures and experienced professionals in various sub-sectors of finance. We hope to have some meetings in a brunch or coffee chat format in person, if possible in the future.
  •  The Series aims to offer candid and engaging discussions to help young women successfully navigate the workplace and advance in their careers.
Series Components
  •  The series will have two main event types:
    • Quarterly Spotlight Webinars: Each Spotlight Webinar will feature leading Vietnamese women in finance/business and include a Q&A section from the audience. 
    • Monthly Fireside Chats: intimate discussions with monthly rotation on different themes: Career Development, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Financial Technology, etc. This rotation can be subject to change based on speakers’ availability and expertise.
  • In order to improve audience engagement and create high-impact value, the Spotlight webinars and Fireside Chats will have the following differences in format: 
    • Spotlight webinars are open to the public, while Fireside Chats are private, invite-only and intimately-sized. 
    • VFS will collect requests for each Fireside Chat event and invites will be sent on a rolling basis.

If you want to suggest a speaker or join our team, please send an email to team@vfsociety.org

VFS Women-focused Events Recap

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