The Global Vietnamese Startup Community Recap

The United States and Vietnam are brought together at VFS’ event “The Global Vietnamese Startup Community: A Dialogue”, with the participation of Andrew P. Rowan (moderator) and four speakers: Kendrick Nguyen (host), Vanessa Pham, Minh Bui, and Duy Phan. By going deeper into each speaker’s entrepreneurial journey, we had the opportunity to learn about their Vietnamese heritage and its influences on leadership style, and recount their excitement as well as challenges when starting a company. The event also discussed the cultural aspect of doing business and the startup ecosystem in both the United States and Vietnam. 
Our four speakers, two founders from the U.S. (Vanessa and Kendrick) and two founders from Vietnam (Duy and Minh), all came from unique backgrounds and worked in different industries before joining the entrepreneurial journey. Despite the differences, they share the same Vietnamese heritage and the courage to take that leap of faith to venture into the unknown and create something bigger than themselves. Their drive, energy and entrepreneurial spirit have truly inspired us who attended the event. 
Vietnam Finance Society proudly supports the Vietnamese community and hopes to be the platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opportunities among its members. Today is the first step towards the goal of creating a more unified Vietnamese community. We look forward to hearing from our members, advisors, and the public, on how to make that happen!