Our Values

Core Values:

  • Empower Professional and Personal Development
  • Promote Continuing Education and Knowledge Sharing
  • Nurture Meaningful Connections
  • Cultivate Business Opportunities
  • Act with Integrity and Ethical Manner
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Facilitate a Culture of Understanding

Guiding Principles:

  • We share a passionate commitment to increase opportunities for Vietnamese in the Financial Industry
  • We help foreign-born Vietnamese to rediscover the Vietnamese culture and opportunities in Vietnam
  • We maintain a neutral stance towards all political viewpoints
  • We commit ourselves to honesty, integrity, and the highest professional and ethical standards
  • We believe in the power of networking – to create value for all our members and stakeholders.
  • We nurture an environment that thrives on mentoring relationships.

Vietnam Finance Society promotes the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards. Members of Vietnam Finance Society must not engage in insider trading and market manipulation. Vietnam Finance Society is an organization for the members and benefit its members. We prohibit activities that result in inurement of the organization earnings to insiders, such as founders, directors and officers.

Vietnam Finance Society (“VFS”) is a member-run nonprofit organization committed to building a strong community of Vietnamese finance professionals to empower career development, nurture meaningful connections, and promote business opportunities in the United States and Vietnam.