Why joining a VFS Committee?

VFS empowers career advancement through knowledge sharing and continue education. VFS Committees are communities of like-minded individuals who share professional interests, build networks and exchange actionable ideas. Many long-term, trusting, and profitable relationships are built within these groups.

Joining an interest group connects you to a community of professionals with your interests who share their time, talent, and knowledge. Volunteering in a group heightens your visibility as a vital participant in your industry and contributes to your professional development. Other benefit includes:

  • Sharing information and ideas with a network of your peers
  • Developing professional relationships and strengthening ties to the investment community
  • Enhancing your leadership skills and expanding your network of contacts with speakers and other leading fellow Vietnamese
  • Building expertise within your fields

Our proposed committees:

  • Women in Wall Street
  • Lifestyle for Success
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Startup & Fintech
  • Vietnam Inbound
  • Personal Finance & Wealth Management

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