VFS Executive Series

1. Fireside chat with executives from One Mount Group (09/08/2019)

On September 8, 2019, Vietnam Finance Society hosted a fireside chat with executives from One Mount Group, a new joint venture founded by some of the largest corporations in Vietnam including Masan Group, Techcombank, and Vingroup. The event was an interactive conversation between executives from Vietnam and more than 30 accomplished professionals in New York City with backgrounds in technology, data analytics, marketing, law, and finance.

Attendees had an opportunity to learn about the business environment in Vietnam, as well as opportunities and challenges faced by the Vietnamese economy. One Mount Group called for Vietnamese talents overseas to come back to Vietnam to solve current social-economic problems and potentially make a bigger impact in the community.

2. Luncheon with Chinh Chu, Founder and Senior Managing Director of CC Capital (8/20/2019)

On August 20, Vietnamese Finance Society had the pleasure of being hosted by Mr. Chinh Chu, Founder of CC Capital and former Co-Chair of Private Equity Group at The Blackstone Group, for a semi-formal meet & greet at his office. The event was conducted over lunch in a Q&A focused setting, followed by coffee & tea and a group photo session with Mr. Chu. During the Q&A session, Mr. Chu shared with the group inspiring stories from the early days in his career and offered advice based on three key principles “Living with utmost passion”, “Leveraging your uniqueness”, and “Proving that you’re extra and capable of generating ultra”.


Among the audience was a diverse group of first-generation and second-generation Vietnamese students and professionals, who all share the drive to succeed on Wall Street. We were all inspired by Mr. Chu for his creativity, knowledge and passion, and were humbled to learn from one of the first Vietnamese arrivers on Wall Street, who against all odds made it to the top in a very competitive industry.


We would like to thank Mr. Chu and his team at CC Capital for hosting us, and thank our team members Diem Tran, Long Pham and Chris Nguyen for supporting this event. This was one of the most remarkable events VFS has organized since inauguration. We will strive to organize similar events featuring highly-regarded Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese speakers in the future. We look forward to any feedback, support, and participation in our future events and stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

3. VinaCapital - Andy Ho, Chief Investment Officer; Khanh Nguyen, Deputy Managing Director (4/15/2019)

Vietnam Finance Society is pleased to host a luncheon featuring two senior executives from VinaCapital, Andy Ho, Chief Investment Officer, and Khanh Vu, Deputy Managing Director, on their trip to New York City. Special thanks to our Board member Chau Hoang for hosting the event at her office at Berkeley Research Group. 

The luncheon was an interactive and lively discussion among participants about the investment landscape in Vietnam, as well as Andy and Khanh's investing experience in the country. Various topics were discussed including views on the market, industry dynamics, due diligence, deal sourcing, and working with local businesses. We were also pleased to learn about VinaCapital's commitment to hiring the best talents who want to go back and join Vietnam's growth story. Andy and Khanh are two prime examples - both have track records working for international corporations but eventually decided to move back to Vietnam and have very successful careers.

Vietnam Finance Society strives to be a premier platform to support Vietnamese professionals in the financial industry. Through our events, we hope to bring value and opportunities to our members and partners. VFS Executive Series with VinaCapital embraced the essence of VFS’s mission. We look forward to developing a long-term relationship with VinaCapital in the future.

From left to right: (1) Lucy Lu, Vice President, BDA Partners; (2) David Nguyen, Senior Associate, Dexia Securities; (3) Charles Nguyen, Managing Director, Neuberger Berman; (4) Chau Hoang, Director, Berkeley Research Group; (5) Andy Ho, CIO, VinaCapital; (6) Vu Tran, Investment Banking Analyst, Macquarie Capital; (7) Tuyen Do, Managing Director, Wells Fargo Securities; (8) Khanh Vu, Deputy Managing Director, VinaCapital; (9) Sam Van, Senior Vice President, Deltec Bank; (10) Bobby Blumenfeld, Executive Director, ACG New York; (11) Daniel Ngo, Investment Banking Analyst, Houlihan Lokey; (12) Anh Do, Managing Director, Indus Capital.

Not in the picture: (13) Anh Tran, Principal, P2 Capital Partners; (14) Minh Ngo, AVP, Swiss Re. 

4. Triet Nguyen, Founder and Managing Partner at Axios Advisors (4/9/2019)

From left to right: (1) Vu Tran, Investment Banking Analyst, Macquarie Capital; (2) Ashley Nguyen, Strategy Analyst, Mazda; (3) Sam Van, Senior Vice President, Deltec Bank; (4) Minh Ngo, AVP, Swiss Re; (5) Chris Nguyen, Analyst, Gartland and Mellina Group; (6) Daniel Ngo, Investment Banking Analyst, Houlihan Lokey; (7) Triet Nguyen, Managing Partner, Axios Advisors; (8) Long Pham, Investment Professional, MAEVA Group.