VFS Fellowship Program FAQs

1. What is Vietnam Finance Society? Why did you launch this program?
Vietnam Finance Society (VFS) was founded as a member-run not-for-profit organization to support the Vietnamese community in the financial services industry. Students are one of the constituents that we serve, besides professionals and executives.

The Fellowship Program was launched as a way for young professionals and senior executives in the industry to give back to the community by helping students succeed in their internships and beyond. The VFS team hopes the program will inspire our fellows to carry on VFS’ missions in the future.

2. How much does it cost to be a VFS fellow?
Our mentors and the VFS team work on a voluntary basis. There will be no cost associated with enrolling in the VFS Fellowship Program. However, please expect some costs associated with social and networking activities (breakfast, dinner, or drinks), which will be either split among participants of that event or handled on an individual basis.

3. What level of commitment do you expect from a fellow?
We acknowledge our fellows’ busy schedule, and the goal of the summer is to get the return offer after the internship. Although not mandatory, we highly encourage our fellows to attend all the events / workshops and connect with mentors. We want our fellows to have a meaningful summer, where they can make new relationships, develop professionally and enjoy fun social activities besides their work schedules.

4. Can non-Vietnamese students apply?
The VFS Fellowship Program is reserved for students of Vietnamese-descent only. 
5. My internship position is not in either Investment Banking, Asset Management or Equity Research. Am I still eligible?
We encourage all interested college students with a finance internship to apply. Please note how you can benefit from the program in the application. We are willing to evaluate your application on a case-by-case basis.
6. My internship is not based in New York City. Can I apply?
Our mentorship program, workshops, and planned activities are based in New York City. Hence, we only accept applicants who will be in the New York City area this summer. However, please stay in touch with us for our future events and activities.

7. Who are the mentors? How are mentors selected? 

Our participating mentors are professionals in the finance industry with more than two years of work experience. The VFS team will invite qualified candidates for a phone interview to further assess their goals, needs, and expectations. We will match candidate with a mentor whom we deem to be most appropriate and impactful.

8. What happens after the Fellowship Program?
After the Fellowship Program, we will create an alumni group for our fellows. We highly encourage our fellows to stay connected with their mentors, fellow interns, and the broader VFS team. We consider our fellows to be part of the VFS team and the next generation of VFS leaders. We look forward to having our fellows joining the VFS Executive Committee upon graduation and continue the visions of Vietnam Finance Society.

9. I don’t have an internship yet but I want to move to NYC for an internship in the future, how can I get involved?
For the first year of the Vietnam Finance Society Fellowship program, we only accept candidates with secured internship offers in New York City. However, please stay in touch with us on social media to receive updates with regards to future mentorship / networking initiatives.